Creatures - a complete listing of all huntable creatures
      Weapons - lists of weapons by class and metals
      Old armor - list and comparison of most available armor (current combat system)
      New armor - appraisals of new armor items (new, unreleased combat system)

      Class skills - alchemy, animal empathy, appraise, climb, disable device, handle animal, heal, hide, listen, move silently, pick pockets, search, use magic device, wilderness lore
      Trade skills - armorsmithing, bowyering, carpentry, carving, jewelry crafting, leatherworking, metalurgy, mining, playing castles, skinning, tanning, weaponsmithing, weather endurance
      Experience chart - experience points required for each level through 100

      Maps by Leyara Neirlan'i - The Sacred Grove.  Excellent maps and much more
      Guildhalls - locations of all guilds, with links to maps
      Fragments and shards - instructions for use and a chart of locations
Travel scripts  - scripts to and from frequently visited areas

      Verbs - descriptions of most roleplay verbs
      Pipe smoking - everything you need to know about pipes

      Shops - complete list of shops by city, with catalogs
      Enchanted items - common enchanted items listed by name or by attribute
      Creating magical items - imbuing gems and infusing magic
      Forging - A guide to crafting weapons and other items in the forge
      Pets - care and feeding of your animal companion
      Who's who - Characters of Eaxia
Links - other sites related to Eaxia Online


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